*Bonus Joint* Nostic X NapzMeka X Phakt - Pipe Dream (Prod. By Chisom Uzosike)

from by UGLI

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Verse 1 (Napzmeka + Nostic)

If you aint get it from before,
Like a clever metaphor,
A meteor from me to yours,
I want a devil in a dress with some heavenly decor,
Neglectfully forget but respectfully adore,
If he said it then you better leave credit,
Or I leave em beheaded,
Gotta get it from the morgue,
Under your skin like you sweatin on your pores,
Im on a higher level I have heaven on the floor,
Player for the cause for the paper they a flaunt,
Turn em black hearted raiders got a razor to your moms,
Never raised a palm till the days of later on,
They end up raisin hell when a father raised him wrong,
Whether relate or you never play the song,
Lay down in the devils playground and play along,
Shake it off if I fall in a brawl with Mayweather,
Still springin up on yall like May weather!

But way better,
I duck, dodge and weave,
Leave cuts, gauze, and scars,
Cigar spar wit sparks and leave em all wit stars,
My work ethic is Starks,
Remarks start up the march,
Thoughts pushin' the bar like they pushin' life in the yard,
Pullin' needles from records and pushin' it in they arrrms,
Cuz once we get em hooked they won't wanna leave,
Dreamin' like it is a drug, huff it when I breathe!

Scratch hook

Verse 2 (Phakt + Nostic)

You play em but then you be trying to PLAY em,
Say you hate him but know his music verbatim,
I can see you working hard trying to fade him by the way yall hating on the way God made em,
Pipe dreams: half price, get em while supplies last,
Real dreams come daily but they die fast,
Die cast metal pots known to call the kettle black,
Watch your king piece pawns never peddle back,
They say the real threat's sleeping on my skill set,
Wet behind the ears still never made no mills yet,
Tip top resume, wordplay delirious,
Babyface killah got veteran experience,
Young cats teaching the game, dog I been in it,
I aint gotta be top 3 but I'm "top ten"ing it,
Aint no joker yet "why so serious",
Exclamation point past "point blank period"

Cant even talk to ya, squawkin' at opposite ends of binoculars,
A sniper put his life in the scope,
To see (a)head,
Even if that means providin' his own,
Cuz either way,
We gon' see whats been inside of his dome,
In his iris is the eye of the storm,
Blowin' beside him is Poseidon just applyin' some force,
Findin' his touch, his Midas of course,
To fight in this war,
Duckin' this flyin manure,
Where we aint signin' Shakur's,
Or fundin' science resour-ces,
We hide behind portraits,
Until we all corpses and everythings corporate,
Forklift heavy endorsements,
On every endorphin dormant my torment is not knowin',
What we knows crazy, think of what they not showin',
On a rock with another hot rock glowin',
In spot we call Space that never stop growin',
That alone gimme hope to never stop goin'!

Scratch Hook + 2Pac Sample


from #UGLI (U​.​Gotta​.​Luv​.​It), released October 18, 2013
Napzmeka (Lyrics)
Nostic (Lyrics + Mixing)
Phakt (Lyrics)
Chisom Uzosike (Production + Hook Cuts)

**Official Video directed by Jesse Anthony (@jesseanthony)



all rights reserved



U.G.L.I (U.Gotta.Luv.It) consists of Canadian Emcee's Nostic, NapzMeka, & ThaCapitalE.

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