The 1rst single from the U.G.L.I (U.Gotta.Luv) household. New EP coming soon!


NapzMeka -

ThaCapitalE -

Nostic -


*Production by Quincy Clash (@chrisplaydate)
*Background vocals on hook by Shanice Banton (@shanicebanton)

S/O to our extended fam over @ The712Label!


Verse 1 (ThaCapitalE)

Picture me n the cloud that I'm on,
Death to molly she around to long,
Piss on trends that only cause harm, if you step to E you gon get the strong arm,
Sippin and leanin addicted to substance,
Nigga who profit addicted to hustle,
Followin trouble, then trouble follow,
Ya gotta be quick in this game of survival,
Inspired by Idols,
Then you get to their level,
And turn into rivals one hand on the bible to battle the devil,
Pray when I die, Go out a rebel,
Cant kill my vibe, strong in the mental,
So I survive put dro in the wind, this niggas an addict he at it again.. Sippin that gin no chaser for him,
Infinite spirit that come from within,
Flyest of kicks when I step in the gym,
Cleaner than vim,
Deposit my thoughts and the listen to them
Cant stop nigga no quit in him,
Just give me space let me script my shiiittt


woooooo ooooo ooooo (Shanice Background Vocals)

Words I be kickin like whippin that product,
Thinkin' I'm slippin off hittin that chronic,
What you be fiendin' you see that I got it,
I got it... I got it...

Verse 2 (NapzMeka)

Put em' on a beat, bet he won't beat that,
Dinner wit a freak, bet he won't eat that,
Too much on my plate, too much on my plate babe don't be mad,
These niggas can't hold me back!
Wit some handcuff, keys and a police badge,
Killin' this shit, where the police at?
OJ glove, goalie mask *OJ glove, goalie mask*
While Hov is poppin plenty,
We soak our thoughts in some Henny,
These hoes were hoppin' on any,
They poke and toss em' like pennies,
No look, they toss em like Penny,
No Magic, tragic just caskets and gasoline around matches,
No hope was offered to many,
Kids quit in advance, ain't even given a chance,
Nobody givin a damn,
Can't levitate on a levy,
Addicted to what you watchin',
You watch em, cop em like pleas',
Shoppin' for products, please,
You know I got what you need!


woooooo ooooo ooooo (Shanice Background Vocals)

Words I be kickin like whippin that product,
Thinkin' I'm slippin off hittin that chronic,
What you be fiendin' you see that I got it,
Hands in the air while I empty your wallets,
Who are we kiddin'? You know that I got it!

Verse 3 (Nostic)

Cut tracks, we don't cut bricks,
Bus it, we don't even ride Cutlass,
Cussin, over custom production,
Crushed in, jaw rockin' lines of substance,
E-ruptin', E-motion, E-vokin a high,
Each pen strokes a note in the sky,
Some dope in disguise,
Provokin' dopamine to rise,
I rope-a-dope a fiend and feed the fight,
Cause' you aint eatin' right, you seein' twice,
You need to just, sit, down,
You illuminatin' hallucinations, of drive in aluminum casin,
Allude the confusion, leadin' with illusion,
Doin' the makeshift Matrix,
Y'all don't know what that life is laced wit',
Y'all need Lasik before that facelift, face it,
I like gettin' fucked up too, y'all just get way too faded,
Bathe in an alcohol basin, chasin' a high, a life of high maintenance,
Y'all losin' touch,
I'm in tune with art, you cartoonin' us,
I dont know who to trust these days,
Hooked on whatever gon' keep us paid..paid...paid...


released September 5, 2013
ThacapitalE (Lyrics) NapzMeka (Lyrics) Nostic (Lyrics, Mixing) Shanice Banton (Background vocals on hook) Quincy Clash (Production)



all rights reserved



U.G.L.I (U.Gotta.Luv.It) consists of Canadian Emcee's Nostic, NapzMeka, & ThaCapitalE.

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