NapzMeka - Astro (Prod. By Quincy Clash)

from by UGLI

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Napz gettin' BUSY!!


They frontin' they bluffin' they nothin' at all,
They jump and they fall, I'm running on walls,
Everything crumbled they tell em be humble,
But humble is something you done when you small,
Hand on a bible and head to the sky,
Hand on a rifle who's ready to die,
Pretendin' we friends,
But niggaz is petty machete be ready confetti the ties,
They diggin' the vibe,
It's the shit that I kick,
You call it a rhyme,
They're calling it sick,
You call it a verse they calling a nurse,
You call it my worst, you call it they they best,
Was down and out kanye west,
I'm down and out I'm hitting my ly and heading inside,
Decadent guy bet that he's fly,
Dressin' in whatever heaven provides,
All I'm a need is my dollars and visa,
A modelin' diva who's thick in the thighs,
Sexy with pride,
Ready to ride, ready to ride,
Meka with drive,
Tell em we leavin' we speeding exceeding 175,
They digging the vibe,
It's the shit that I kick,
You call it a rhyme they call it a hit,
You call it a verse they callin' a hearse,
I stop at the church and pop in reverse,
No trouble I shovel and drop em in dirt,
A whole lot of work X7,
A whole lot of work, a whole lot of work,
A whole lot of words, a whole lot of verse,
You holdin' em down or hold em to ground,
It takes a whole lot just to hold em to earth,
Hurting my mind with nursery rhymes,
Too picky for hickory dickory doc,
Get what I'm gettin and give what I've got,
Tippin my cup twisting the pot,
Thick in the butt thickens the plot,
Thick in the butt thickens the plot,
Grind with timin priceless like the diamonds found on a Tiffany's watch
I grind tho, I grind tho,
See mystery glow with a blindfold,
And your eyes closed keep mine low,
Rollin and smokin and blowing a dime,
Hopin a dime be blowing on mine,
I don't mind tho she's still fine tho,
Comparably compared to me,
I'm a rarity I'm a sideshow,
I'm an oddity I'm a prophecy,
I'm a prophet with profit and property,
No stopping me I'm a rocket b,
Hop in the cock it a cost a fee,
Cops want to plot when I'm stopped on scene,
It don't take a whole lot to see pac in me!



from #UGLI (U​.​Gotta​.​Luv​.​It), released October 18, 2013
Napzmeka (Lyrics)
Quincy Clash (Production)
Nostic (Mixing)



all rights reserved



U.G.L.I (U.Gotta.Luv.It) consists of Canadian Emcee's Nostic, NapzMeka, & ThaCapitalE.

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