NapzMeka X ThaCapitalE X Nostic - Voices (Outro) (Prod​.​By Quincy Clash)

from by UGLI

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Uplifting note to leave yall on!


Verse 1 (Napzmeka)

Voice at the door, early in the morn,
Police bullhorn askin what he saw,
You should be still, they shoot at will,
Squeeze with relative ease,
Move, be killed,
Sounds like a plot offa movie reel,
But watch the crew in blue, they moves be real,
That dont move me still,
Word to Trayvon Martin how they made yall targets,
No more mom and pop shops,
Made yall Targets,
When the thing all started,
They were all marchin,
By next march,
Often forgotten all the problems they were talkin when they rockin in the garden,
Yeah, give em props they were rockin in the garden,
Applaud and clap,
Applaud and clap,
Get off stage,
Call them back,
Sell your soul, no God in rap,
Stupid, if you rootin on a shootin star,
Id rather shoot the shit wit cupid for a cuties heart,
And she voice her frustration after lonely contemplation,
Im the voice of a nation for these generations!

(David Banner Speaking on Trayvon Martin)
That child did everything that you supposed to do,
Asked the guy "why are you followin me? Stop followin' me",
Called somebody up, told them what was goin on,
And then when the guy got too-got too close,
He defended himself, thats what you tell your child to do growin up,
He did everything he was supposed to do,
And he still died,
We just have to keep our eyes open..

Verse 2 (ThaCapitalE)

Positivity got the energy in my soul,
To overcome all the convo in low tones,
Lord bless em,
Heaven sent with God flow,
Exceed speeds, I lead like I am Rondo,
And that green I feen and hope it last long,
And these dreams were given from legends passed on,
So I adapted my thinkin now hearin voices,
They tellin me that my vocals compare to some of the dopest,
Up in the rap recital,
I am like Shawn Michaels,
With a lil Ric Flair,
Showstoppa with style,
Perfect like Curt Henning,
You could see from the start,
But if I fall like Owen I swear that could break a Hart...
One lifes all we gettin right?
All I need is one chance in the right light,
All I need is your energy and good advice,
And a bigger slice of this life so I can take flight,
First class, the negative in my past,
Ain't hearin none of these suckas they vocal cords have collapsed, Niggas be breedin hate,
Killin over the cash,
Your character seals your fate..
How long is it gonna last?

Hook (Lauryn Hill giving speech to students)

Never be afraid of not knowing,
Let's not be, mediocre in our greatness,
Ya know what I mean?
Like think big, think big,
The music industry is just a micro cosmo of the world,
So whenever you stand for somethin,
And you stand for goodness and truth,
You will always get resistance, thats period.

Verse 3 (Nostic)

It feels like I'm between scenes,
Seein' the seams stitched up,
How the clock ticks but,
It's alarmin',
That's when I know I gotta get up,
Get what? Get money?
Nah brotha, build wit me, chill wit me,
Lemme know you still wit me,
I keep it 100 so just keep it real with me,
Ya feel me?
From the womb to the tomb,
Human to dust,
High noon till the sun ducks the moon and comes up again,
One up's the temp,
When the world aint so bad and people ain't so mad,
When Maury aint gotta tell these lames they aint the dad,
Mathis ain't gotta practice,
Ratchets are back to fixin',
Twistin' herb is the cure, no Habit no Contradictions,
Buggin' out on a tape like we takin' it straight to Nixon,
My ass know better than that,
So when there's hope, yo that's right where my heaven is at,
When you settle man you settin' us back,
I'm raps Detroit Red bringin' intelligent back,
To where your credit can't buy credibility back,
It's all ability, humility and love where we at,
Man I love where we at!

Hook (Kurtis Blow giving his sermon)

So, now, now that you have the attention of the world,
Hip Hop generation,
Hip Hop nation,
Now, now that you have everybody tunin in to listen,
To what you have to say,
Now that you have the most influential music on the globe,
What would happen,
if ya gave them somethin different,
What would happen if you stop peddlin ignorance,
And started speakin more intelligently,
What, what would happen if-if you stopped promotin gangs,
And started preachin brotherhood,
What would happen if we stopped callin our women, B's and H-O's,
And started liftin up womanhood,
What would happened if we started to live more responsibly,
Im talkin bout the brothers now,
Brothers im talkin bout,
What would happen if we started to take care of the babies that we made,
How bout, if we started takin care of our elderly, and stop terrorizing them,
The world is sitting at your feet,
What would happen, if we gave them something different..
I know what would happen.. you would change the world...


from #UGLI (U​.​Gotta​.​Luv​.​It), released October 18, 2013
Napzmeka (Lyrics)
ThaCapitalE (Lyrics)
Nostic (Lyrics + Mixing)
Qunicy Clash (Production)

*Sample #1 is David Banner speaking on Trayvon Martin
**Sample #2 is Lauryn Hill giving a speech to university students
***Sample #3 is Kurtis Blow giving his sermon



all rights reserved



U.G.L.I (U.Gotta.Luv.It) consists of Canadian Emcee's Nostic, NapzMeka, & ThaCapitalE.

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