Nostic - Let Em' Know (Prod. By Quincy Clash)

from by UGLI

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Nostic's solo joint!


I aint even got a license but I got drive,
And I don't like heights but the weed keeps me high,
Tryna make alittle scratch like a key to the side of your whip,
While Im ridin' in fifth till that shit hits first,
My stick shift didn't come equipped with reverse,
First one to admit,
Im my own worst critic tho,
Shit gets critical,
When every move is pivotal,
Relyin' on lines, words and syllables,
Work to feel invisble,
Happy then back to miserable,
It's just a cycle of goin psycho,
Like knowin' there's more people that know you as Michael,
Just give me time and what typed there will be typ-o,
Don't want that life though of lights and lypo,
Just gimme the right dose,
A house, the right coast,
An ounce to bounce wit,
Accounts that,
Never need no councillin',
Only an accountant to count what we makin',
Trippin' to Hawaii still sippin on Jamaican,
Honey dipped, tipped blunt till the sun fades in,
So time ain't for wastin',
And I aint one for waitin',
I'ma find a way in believe it when I say this...

We ain't fit to stop, we just go,
No wrist in watch, cuz we know,
What time it is, we gon' climb this bitch for as high as this thang will go,
Un-wind in the wind, we coast,
We slide for the win, we toast,
Though its hard to forget him tho,
But you never know so my time here I let him know,
Let em' know X3
Cuz, you never know,
Let em' know X4

2nd Verse

Let em know we here,
And tell him we aint done yet,
Till my whole fam gettin' fed offa one check,
Put em' up on Sunset,
Just to see the sunset,
Breakfast in London pubs wit dubstep,
I been through enough stress,
And moments of upset,
The reason I obsess with gettin' this perfect,
Spend all day searchin' the net for,
To get on the next tour,
But none of it's workin'
And dealin' wit egoes who think they he-roes,
Tryna save me, man you must be crazy,
I'm far from lazy especially lately,
You tryna bait me cuz you cant debate me,
This feelin is Firm dawg, no Nas or AZ,
I'm ready to earn while yall ready to break me,
I'm pullin' a Stern on those tryna play me,
Only time you fly, is by the time the plane leaves,
Ima stand out like a stain on plain tee's,
It's gonna take more than a chain to chain me,
It's gotta make sense (cents) if ya built to change me,
I'm a different strain, don't try to restrain me cuz tonite just maybe..

Hook X 3


from #UGLI (U​.​Gotta​.​Luv​.​It), released October 18, 2013
Nostic (Lyrics + Mixing)
Quincy Clash (Production)



all rights reserved



U.G.L.I (U.Gotta.Luv.It) consists of Canadian Emcee's Nostic, NapzMeka, & ThaCapitalE.

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